Do you want to build a website? Are you confused between template website and custom website designs? Both methods have their own pros and cons. Of course the deciding factor will be your unique business needs and budget.

Template website design

The easiest option is to set up a WordPress and select a template. The template will apply a theme that determines the site’s appearance and functionality. Various websites like Theme Forest have hundreds of theme options available. You can purchase any theme of your choice and give your website a selected look with certain set of features.

Services like Square space provide do-it-yourself website design options.  These usually come in package with email marketing, web hosting or business e-commerce services. They are usually charged services. Using WordPress or any other DIY Website Builder helps you achieve a website design quickly and easily.

However, usually template designs do not offer complex features like forms and advanced functionalities. There will be many features and functions that you won’t use but still end up paying for. And alas! Your website will never be tailor made to represent your business or brand. It will not be identifiable with a brand reinforcement campaign.

SOLUTION? You can have your coders change the underlying code. NO! This is not the solution. You will have to pay extra for changing the code and you will forgo the free updates of the theme. You will incur extra costs, killing the very purpose for choosing the template website design.


The alternate to a template website deign is to hire a website designing firm to perform heavy lifting features for you. This firm, if it is good one, will understand your business, its unique needs and your targets during creative meetings with you. It will offer you a web design solution that is SEO optimised and provides highest ROI.

With a custom website design, you can have your administrator manage the website with sufficient control. But custom website designs are a lengthier and time taking task. As a comforting feature, you can rest assured that it will save your time and hassle in long run. You website will be what you have required.

If you have time and money, go for custom website design. It will need patience too. Very often website designing becomes complicated in work process. For organizations that require basic websites that will function as business cards, customised website designing is not the answer. They should opt for template website designs.

But for majority of businesses, customised website design is the real time solution.