Flexible and Easy Payment Processing Features

Payment gateway integration is one of the major actions that the business takes. Selection and integration of a secure and fit-for-use payment solution is the key to your business success.

 KV Tech is working on offering its clients with the plugin’s, as to facilitate timely and smooth integration.

When you come abroad at KV Tech you will be aligned with our business support squad. The support team will facilitate you throughout the onboarding process and thereafter to ensure smooth business continuity.

 In the E-Commerce industry one of the significant warnings for development is gaining client’s confidence. Authorizing our escrow feature will help you in grabbing clients to you thus improving client loyalty and increasing your sales.

Payments Gateway

Payment gateway integration assists tons of merchants around the globe.

We make it happen to the companies to grow at a rapid rate.

KV Tech authorizes clients to pay directly for their online purchases through Vouchers, from their Mobile Accounts and through credit/debit cards. So now you can guarantee that the client has paid at the time of putting in their request.

 With decreased collection cycles contrasted with cash on delivery, you can now make sure that you have the assets obtainable with you at the soonest to meet your company requirements.

Utilizing the KV Tech Online Merchant Portal, you can see the transactions at the actual time, calculate daily sales and cope with cash flows. Not just this, you can likewise address your client's questions on the actual time basis to guarantee quality client service.

 When you come abroad, our dedicated integration team will always get in touch with you to guarantee an effortless and Swift integration. To make sure quickest onboarding, the team will support you throughout the integration process.

Centralized Management

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Enables you to collect payments online.


Integration of both credit/debit card and PayPal.


Customer data security ensured.


Seamless Integration with payment gateways.


Multiple local and international gateways.


We are just a call or click away 24X7.

Multi-Currency Support

Pay & Receive Money With 40+ Currencies

Creating the best infrastructure for your clients to submit payments is something KEVI Technologies helps you with at every step. We can assist you in achieving your objectives and getting started quickly, whether you work with us to design a new e-commerce website or have an existing site that needs help being converted to work with a new gateway.

We have fully integrated payment gateways that receive and pay money with 40+ currencies.

payment gateway

The process for integrating a payment gateway with your website or app typically involves selecting a payment gateway provider, creating a merchant account, integrating the payment gateway API with your website or app, and testing the payment gateway to ensure it is working correctly.

Payment gateways in Dubai typically support a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets.

Using a payment gateway can offer several benefits to businesses, including increased payment security, improved payment processing speed, and the ability to accept a wide variety of payment methods.

There are several types of payment gateways available in Dubai, including local payment gateways and international payment gateways. Local payment gateways are often preferred by businesses in Dubai as they offer local payment options and support local currencies.

Payment gateway services are professional services that provide payment processing solutions to businesses. These services can include payment gateway setup, payment gateway integration with the business's website or app, and payment gateway maintenance and support.

A payment gateway is a technology solution that allows businesses to accept online payments securely and efficiently. Payment gateways facilitate the transfer of funds from a customer's bank account to the merchant's account.