Here at KV Tech, each website project goes through a predefined sequence of activities. Each of these activities is performed by professionals with different qualifications. In this article, we present clearly the phases of development of a website. So that you can understand a little better about how we work in order to always deliver the best projects with our clients.

During all phases of the project, there is frequent contact with those involved, either for updating deadlines or for clarifying and timely changes.

Phase 1 - Customer Needs Analysis

During the negotiation phase, we began collecting information about the company you are hiring to develop your new website. What’s next is the major evaluation about each and every aspect including products, services, completion, target audience and other relevant data. This evaluation process guides you to better understand the best website structure that suits client’s needs.

Phase 2 - Layout/Graphic Concept

In the Layout phase, our team of web designers develops the graphic concept of the project. It is at this stage that we define what the colours of the site will be and how the elements will be distributed on the screen. Initially, we develop only the homepage of the site, which is presented to the client for approval. After approval of the homepage, we continue with the development of the internal pages. We do not develop more than one layout proposal at the same time because we understand that this format ends up confusing the client, rather than facilitating their choice.

At the end of this step, all the pages of the site are created in image format (static) and defined all the effects and animations that will be used.

Phase 3 - Front End Production/Development

During the front-end development phase we converted the page images into the HTML markup language with CSS style sheets, a suitable format for the presentation of content on the internet. All the source code developed by KV Tech follows the recommendations of the W3C. An organization that defines the good practices and standards of the worldwide internet. In addition, we also value search engine optimization (SEO), such as Google and Bing. Some more advanced JavaScript and jQuery features are also implemented during this step. JavaScript is a programming language that allows us to add important features to the experience of using a visitor to a site, such as form validations and some animations.

Phase 4 - Forms Programming and CMS Deployment

All websites that KV Tech developed are integrated with our Content Management System (CMS). With this system, anyone can update the content of your website who has basic computer skills, through an intuitive and secure interface. At this stage, we convert the HTML files to the files of C# language of the Microsoft ASP.NET platform. The forms are also programmed in this step.

Phase 5 - Including Content

After we request all the information that should be inserted in the website. At this point that we make the inclusion of the content through our CMS. All information forwarded by the customer is added to their respective pages and the site is referred for approval. After the initial inclusion of content, any changes must be made by the client through the content management tool.

Phase 6 - Publication

The publishing phase includes configuration of the hosting and domain related to the website. Sending the files through FTP and releasing a temporary link for final review. After the final review, the website is ready to be released at the official address for all interested parties.

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