Do you have some good skills? Are you willing to commit you skills for some good earning ideas? UAE is seeing a rise in small professional service businesses. These are typically low cost or no investment ideas, often managed by single person. However, in some cases a group of friends can also undertake these business ideas. Find six most trending small business ideas in UAE for 2017. These have turned out to be great earning sources for many people.

Be a chef

If you are exceptionally good with culinary why not use your talent ?  Dubai hosts thousands of  bachelor expatriates from hundreds of nationalities. These people value home cooked food . You can cook from your own small kitchen. Use your own stove and appliances and bring flavour to people's lives! This is typically a low investment business. You can also advertise catering services for small parties and private events.

Be a tutor

Are you good at French or your native language? Do you have good mathematics abilities?  Are you in love with teaching?  You can choose to be a private tutor. You can teach at your residence or at your student's residence. This small business needs no investment. Foreign nationals in Dubai look for good tutors for their kids who can teach their native languages. And you can teach part time along with your regular job too.

Be a freelance writer

With thousands of businesses and websites, UAE has great opening for content writers. If you have good writing and language skills you can bank on it. Again a no investment method of making good Dirhams, all you need is your personal laptop and a good internet connectivity. Most probably you will already have these. Freelancers are usually paid per project or per article basis. Again you can do this along with your regular job also.

Be a photographer

If you love to capture pictures and you already have a good camera, you can become a semi professional photographer for your neighbour’s weekend party or your colleagues kid’s birthday. Photography has great future prospects. People love to keep their event memories. And if you have Photoshop abilities , it will be a great plus. Take good pictures and edit them using some free software’s online.

Be a graphic designer

Graphic designers are high in demand. Websites, posters, flyers and other advertising materials needs a hand of a good graphic designer. If you have good graphic designing skills, you can easily become a freelance graphic designer and earn good. You might be paid hourly basis if you go to the client's office and work there. Alternatively, you might be paid on a project base. Either way, it is one of well paid jobs in UAE.

Be a personal buyer

Do you know many people do not have time to do their daily tasks like going to groceries, dropping clothes at dry cleaners or going to bank. And if you love shopping and doing minor errands, you can offer professional services to these people. You can do their shopping based on their given preferences or even give them shopping tips based on their budgets. Strange as it sounds, personal buyers are becoming popular in UAE.