Online shopping is a trend that is here to stay for a long time. People find shopping within home comforts and from all over the world convenient. Internet and globalisation have reshaped our interests and preferences. Businesses cannot survive being local. Most of them now provide global online store.

If you are a business and you need to set up a global online store, you will need a CMS platform. We can help you decide a suitable CMS platform for your business needs. Below is a list of popular CMS platforms and brief introduction of their features. This will give you a starting point for selecting a reliable CMS solution.



PRESTASHOP is a customised CMS solution that is best suited to start up projects. However, it works good for small, medium and large businesses alike. With more than 310 functionality features, it is a popular CMS choice for online retailers. Following features are the reasons for its success in the technologically agile ecommerce world:

  1. Lowest average load time for web pages.
  2. Quick and easy check out procedure.
  3. Flexible administration.
  4. Large scale customization options for themes and features.
  5. Integrated payment options
  6. Search Engine Optimized search results
  7. Powerful catalogue management
  8. Free theme updates
  9. Included security tools



With more than two hundred thousand businesses using their CMS platform, Magento offers smart features for new and growing online retailers. It comes with strong marketing tools that help you attain customer loyalty. Magento gives an enhanced shopping experience that guarantees success in very short time:

  1. Powerful websites architecture with wide range of customization
  2. Option of online retailing of virtual and digital products
  3. Minimum back end support required
  4. Free community edition
  5. Features for selling bundled and grouped products
  6. Cost friendly Magento extensions with additional functionality features.



ZENCART is an open source CMS solution for small, medium and large businesses. It is especially popular with start-up businesses. It offers user friendly set up of shopping carts and online retail stores. No technical knowledge needed for product and catalogue management. It offers endless customization features:

  1. User friendly set up and management
  2. GNU General Public License protected
  3. Multiple payment options
  4. Countless plugins



Shopify is a professional CMS platform for experts who have HTML and CSS know how. It has integrated Google Analytics for referrals and website traffic management. It is also SEO optimised. Shopify offers unlimited customization for your online shop with advance inventory record management. This CMS platform gives you following features:

  1. User friendly and easy to use
  2. 24/7 back end support
  3. Easy deployment
  4. Easily edited themes without prior coding knowledge requirements.



WOOCOMMERCE is actually a plugin or tool that is add on for WordPress CMS platform.  It works quickly and easily with WordPress websites. With WOOCOMMERCE you can set up your online shops instantly. Add small descriptions for each product category and product. WOOCOMMERCE also offers customizations and additional features:

  1. Your simple website can be transformed into transactional online shop
  2. Multiple checkout methods
  3. Google Analytics reports included will show store performance

Various shipping methods suiting needs of global customers