2 × 3.5 inches! A small space. In fact very small considering you need to convey your overall business image in it. Yet this is what you need to achieve. Your business card might be small but it is one of the most crucial print materials that can make or break your business. Many businesses make the gross error of jam packing too much material on their business card. Your business card should be concise, powerful, memorable and professional. It is a game of playing with textures, colours and carefully selected words.

Choose your colours wisely . A kindergarten school or a toy manufacturer can select bright primary colours. You can opt for children fonts too. However, if your are a lawyer or a professional accountant, you will have to do with traditional sober colours like greys, blacks and whites. Today, business cards are designed by specialist designers rather than entrepreneur themselves. However, small businesses that cannot afford designer services still choose to design their own cards. Either way, there are some basic tips that you need to follow.

Base line tips for business card designs:

  1. Use your business logo on the card. Give it a prominent readable place.
  2. Keep your card simple and concise. Use minimum text font that is easily readable.
  3. Include your name, address, e-mail, website and phone numbers for contact
  4. Do not use too many colours. Use two or three colours to give a neat attractive look.
  5. Select quality print materials.
  6. Always ensure cards are neatly cut to present a neat sophisticated look.

Ways to go Unique:

Do you know you can go beyond the normal boring cards if you have some additional cash to upgrade their look? If there are no industry restrictions , you can go for slightly bigger, fold over, mini-brochure like cards. Choose unique cut shapes like teddy bears for Paediatricians, box carton shape for movers and coffee cup for coffee houses. Or you can use die cut process to cut out void spaces in your cards to give them unique looks.. Die cut with creases create some unique architectural business card features; albeit at additional costs.

Try new and non traditional materials:

Who says your business card can only be the traditional paper card? You can experiment new materials depending on what you afford. Stand out using wooden pallets, light weight metal pieces or other plastic materials like keychain , card holders and printed ceramic cups. If your business card is useful for other purposes like those stated above, they stand a chance of being more memorable than simple business cards. The purpose of business card should be fulfilled; whatever you do you must pass on a business image and your contact details.

Go for textures and thermography:

Simple print might not present as much of an impressive image as added textures like emboss, engraved or pasted text. You can use foil stamping  also. The main idea should be to use colours and themes that do not damage text readability. If you want raised shiny text, you might like thermography. Special finishes like spot UV and metallic inks have as additional finesse to them. All said, these options will definitely add costs but they will make the card more impressive and memorable.

And Remember!

Always keep your cards handy with you so you can give the card where ever appropriate. Keep them in a case so they remain neat and clean. It is preferable you give more than one card so that the recipient can also give to other people likely to be your clients. Attach your card in your business correspondences. You can always scan the cards you receive and get a new idea by mixing the unique things in different cards. Contact us for professional business card design services in UAE. We offer customised and unique designs to our clients.