Long gone is the barren landscape and uninhibited desert. Today Dubai – largest Emirati state after Abu Dhabi, is a glittering and thriving metropolis with high rise buildings and mesmerizing shopping malls. The visionary ruler of Dubai; Shiekh Rashid Al-Maktoum has initiated one of the world’s most successful economic reforms that has transformed a desert in to a powerful financial hub.

Unlike most of other Gulf States, Dubai does not rely on oil revenue. The state has been an oil producing one since 1960s. However, today most if its revenues come from tourism, construction industries and financial houses. Dubai attracts thousands of people each month and is expanding at an exponential rate.

You will be surprised to know that of the around 3 million population, hardly 15% are Emirati. The number of  Expats in Dubai is one of the highest in the world. Statistics show that most of these Expats are men, that outnumber women by 3 times. Promising salaries and comfortable lifestyles have been attracting many Asians; who form largest chunk of the Expat Community.

The state has made many progressive reforms.  Popular amongst them is allowing the expats to buy, own and trade property in Dubai. Such an action is legally not available in most of other middle east states. This  has been predicted as main attracting factor for rise in foreign investments by Dubai Expats number 2018.

Research suggest that expats (middle east 2018) are cautious of religious rigour . However, Dubai has been known to promote modernity with less religious rigour. Yet, it has strong cultural and traditional roots based on Islam. On the other hand, Dubai is very stringent about it laws and regulations.

If you are Dubai Expat, you consider the following very particularly:

  1. You should have complete understanding of your offer letter or contract. Any confusions or misunderstandings should be promptly cleared with concerned personal or hiring managers before you move into the state. As a caution, do not miss the fine print in your offer letter.
  2. Prices seem to fluctuate frequently in Dubai. Therefore be cautious with your spending. Always have caution savings available on your hand. Before you make home furnishing expenses, make sure you have a reliable job security.
  3. Many expats get excited about getting a credit card and eventually get neck deep in debt. Make sure you use the credit card only if you can make timely payments. Late fees can be pretty expensive and troublesome.
  4. Dubai offers some of the cheapest and most expensive eat outs in the world. Make sure you socialise according to your budget. Being carried away by peer pressure may end you up spending way more than you expected.