After running five successful editions, Dubai’s SPI Greatsands Group is all geared up for sixth annual SME World Summit. The summit is a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and risk taking investors and small -medium business owners. It gives insight into the challenging and competitive environment of small scale business in Dubai and UAE.

Over the last few decades, under the leadership of Al-Maktoum clan, Dubai has emerged as one of the world’s biggest business hub. Since the accession of the current ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE has entered in strategic reform era. The chief amongst all endeavours is UAE Vision 2021 that aims to make UAE the most progressive country by 2021.

Dubai SME is a government mandated division of Department of Economic Development. It was initiated as support and information resource for growing small and medium enterprises. It uplifts innovation and leadership. From simplifying official processes, financial support and help in projection, it guides you through all steps of starting your own small business in UAE.

The SME World Summit is an intelligent initiative of SME. It captures presence of some of the most high profiles entrepreneurs, media, government bodies and management critiques from across the globe. It is an ideal platform for seeking new connections, learning from others’ experiences and channel using your talents in the right direction.

Scheduled on 17th of April  2018 at Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai, this year’s summit is expected to garner a presence of more than 3000 attendees. The event will include entrepreneurs, artists and painters, fashion designers, C-level executives, investors and government authorities. The day long event will include, workshops, panel discussions, powerful keynotes and networking sessions.

With technologies advancing each day, innovation is a must do job for businesses to thrive in this digitally transforming competitive environment. The idea behind SME Dubai is to be self taught in adapting technological changes to ensure collaboration and financial planning for growth and survival. Entrepreneurs need to avoid wastage of time, funds and most importantly customer loyalty.

With the help of this government mandated initiative, Dubai SME seeks sustained and controllable innovation. The principle motive is to ensure new technologies are channelized while maintaining existing workforces. As of now we can confidently say that Dubai and the UAE has risen from the economic slump of 2000s and making great progress with help of small and medium enterprises.