Got a charming website? One that is engaging with attractive colours, broad functionalities and navigation? And still not getting the business? Ironically, an aesthetically beautiful web designs fails to bring good business. More Ironically,  some of the elements of your “aesthetic website” seem to be the culprit.

Why? Because certain elements do not fair well in search engine rankings. While having an engaging web design is still imperative, we cannot deny that we all are here for business and we will like to spend on things that pay back. So let’s identify five web design  elements that you will do better to be without.

  1. Dynamic Website:

Yes they are attractive and interactive. But constantly changing content and URLs hinder SEO work. So if you really want to use a dynamic web design, be sure to avoid tricky URLs. And use Mod rewrite configurations for generating search engine friendly URLs. A good practice will be to  have different meta tags and titles to remain search engine optimised.

  1. Flash Elements:

Flash files are generally not very search engine optimised. overtime the trend for flash web design has lost its prominence. Yet some search engines have made improvements to successfully index flash files. Yet they are not a good favourite with search engine optimizers. And it will be safe to avoid flash in main website navigations.

  1. Less Content:

Search engine algorithms work best when there is more content to explain what your page is about. However, merely increasing the quantity may not answer the problem. Search engines are very sharp. They can pick out quality content and easily dismiss high volume Low quality content. So it’s just not the quantity but quality also that you should be worried about.

  1. More Wait:

Search engine algorithms have been updated to include other ranking factors. One of them is how long your website takes to load. Keep website elements small so they are easier to load and search engines can index them favourably. Longer waits also mean you are losing customers who are getting frustrated and eventually abort purchasing from you.

  1. HTML frames:

While you may find HTML frames suitable for dividing content on your webpage, these frames are not indexed in search engines. You will do better if you use CSS or PHP instead. Both are SEO friendly and will deliver very similar layouts. However too much use of CSS can increase load time so you need to sort out a balance for yourself.

Last words:

And before we say good bye, two parting advices. One: use 301 redirects to avoid redirect mix ups. Redirects will help in retaining web traffics. Two: use a content management system (CMS) that has SEO Mark ups so that you get content management, keywords and better SEO control in one single package.

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